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German Online Casinos

It has been proven that casino gambling is the most popular pastime all over the world. We have seen sheer numbers of people gambling in the land based casinos as well as online. In Germany, although the legality of internet gambling is still in question, there are many Germans who already getting benefits from this. Indeed, there are about million Germans who gamble at online casinos on a regular basis and spending more than $1.5 million on wagering in one year. It has been reported that there are some 2.2 million Germans regularly gamble online, with over 700 000 accessing the lotto over the Internet and around 430,000 playing online poker. Also, it was on the news that there are about 500,000 Germans who are betting online on sports events, with 96 percent of those betting on Bundesliga matches and every sixth gambler gambling on large football events.

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